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President's Message 2015

Distinguished members and colleagues, I am very pleased and honoured to communicate with each and every one of you all as the new chief steward of the Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia (ELSA). Since I have been nominated by your unanimous decision as the president of this prestigious organization in Daegu, Korea recently, I would like to reiterate sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart to all honourable members. And my special thanks go to my esteemed predecessors, the executive committee, and the Board of Governors for their dedications and outstanding leadership that have graced us all along.  In retrospect, ELSA has served as a wonderful bedrock for unprecedented development and maturation of minimally invasive techniques in the last 20 years. Minimally invasive surgery, first introduced in the late 1980's, was a huge revolution in surgical history and has made a big difference for millions of patients globally. Furthermore it still continues ...

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Welcome Message of the Secretary General

Dear members and colleagues,

In its short but significant history, ELSA has established its leadership in training and education for endolaparoscopic surgery by promoting the clinical application of new techniques for minimally invasive surgery, creating a forum for interdisciplinary discussion, and providing a platform for knowledge exchange in our vast continent.

Today we continue ELSA's legacy of education and innovation with initiatives designed to strengthen our community and progress the development of our society, through member recruitment, educational activities, dedicated training programmes for developing countries, a webportal community, the ELSA website, corporate partnership, and education and research grants.

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About Us

The Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia (ELSA) is a non-profitable organization founded by a small group of Asian endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery enthusiasts in 1990. The society was chartered in Singapore on 12 June 1992 with the following objectives: to foster and develop endoscopic surgery in Asia, to share experience and expertise, and to give advice on standards of practice in member countries.

ELSA today is the major regional representative for endoscopic surgeons in the Asia-Pacific. It is a founding member of the International Federation of Societies of Endoscopic Surgeons (IFSES), and its governing body consists of leaders in endoscopic surgery from 37 countries in the Asia-Pacific, from Turkey in the west to New Zealand in the east.

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